Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Haunting of 124.

There is a constant supernatural element that is present throughout the book. Beginning early in the book, before the reasoning is even made clear to the readers. The ghost is always kncking something over, shattering things, or leaving her handprints in the cake. "For a baby she throws a powerful spell." The ghost has driven anyone away from Denver and Sethe as well as the house. The older brothers left after the ghosts hand prints appeared, and then Suggs died of depression. Sethe wonders "who would have thought that a little old baby could harbor so much rage?"and I just wanna scream "you murdered her!?!" This becomes frustrating to be, not only cause chapter one is confusing until you re read it know what is going on, but because Sethe does not seem to get it. Denver can barley stand her mother, she only does because shes her only friend because the community shuns them. The ghost almost killed the dog, gouged its eye out of socket and i don't feel like she is freaking out appropriately. She could leave if she really wanted to, but she leaves the ghost be and Denver treats it like a friend.
There are times where the family is literally in dangered by this ghost- it tried to throw a table so Paul D yelled at it and Denver pouted because it was her only friend.
Though out the book the supernatural is always causing problems, Sethe was even choked in the clearing, where she though she was safe.
I just don't understand, I would get out.

Lets talk about Beloved.

The book in general was difficult to read. I had to keep notes about certain characters and facts so I wouldn't forget. One note said "baby Suggs, is not a baby."
Beloved required a lot of in depth focus. One instance, was when Sethe went out to the clearing to talk to Baby Suggs, well her ghost. After Paul D goes on his rant about Halle, Sethe takes Denver and Beloved to the clearing to seek comfort. The way there she is reflecting on her time with Amy Denver, and her arrival at 124. She blames herself for Suggs depression, and wishes she hadnt caused problems. She calls for Baby Suggs and begins to feel her massaging her neck, the calming touch of her mother in law calmed her. However the clam touch quickly turned deadly when Sethe realizes she is being choked. Denver becomes very distraught and accuses Beloved of choking her mother. Beloved defends herself by saying it was the "circle of iron"
What exactly does she mean by "circle of iron?" The first thing that comes to mind is slavery.
I also wonder, where was Baby Suggs? Did she know who was choking her?
In my past blog I described why "124 was spiteful" but it wasn't always like that. When Baby Suggs lived there before her depression the house was alive with good spirits, now its haunted by all sorts of spirits